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…advancing the knowledge of bees for sustainable use of apicultural Resources that are environment friendly.


Are you a life-long learner with an itch to learn about the fascinating world of golden insect called honey bee? Are you looking for a new career opportunity to add to your present job for sustainable livelihood? If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, we have got the flexible online, classroom and practical hands-on learning opportunities that… read more


Let us show you how investment in beekeeping venture can earn you continuous wards of Naira within few months. This is real! If you probably think this kind of investment success story could never happen to you, I’m here to prove you wrong. You CAN win the BEEKEEPING game and you WILL be getting much more money from your investment… read more


Welcome to our store, a one-stop shop where you have all beekeeping equipment of your choice ranging from raising the bees to producing honey and other bee products. All materials and equipment from us are of the highest quality grade and international standard… read more

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