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Why People Fail in their Beekeeping Venture

Beekeeping could be said to be a pleasurable agricultural venture whereby you can make sustainable livelihood from it if you so care to. We’ve heard of so many success stories about Nigerian beekeepers and conversely there are many failures. A lot of people belief in starting beekeeping as a hobby or a part-time vocation to […]

Stopping hive robbing in the apiary

In our previous post on robbing in the apiary, the types and causes of robbing attack in the apiary was mentioned; there we promised to  conclude the discussion by offering some few solutions to prevent and halt this nefarious bee behavior. Always remember that from the normal perspective, bees believe that robbing is just a type of foraging behavior which […]

What does it take to maximize your honey production

The major objective of keeping bees is to harvest the honey that bees store in their hives though other hive produce may accompany it. In practical term; honey yield fluctuates from year to year and also varies from colonies to colonies depending on manageability and available food resources within the apiary environment. It is a […]