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Start a Successful Beekeeping Either As Hobby or Business!

Dear Beekeeping Enthusiast,

Do you know that you can start a profitable beekeeping today either as a hobby or business even if you’re completely new to honey bee? The current demand for pure honey and other hive products in Nigeria viz-a-viz the value addition products are constantly booming. With extremely minimal cost of producing these products; what then stops you from becoming a proud producer of your own quality honey with love from nature?

Beekeeping is a fascinating hobby and can also turn into a lucrative business depending on your choice. It is a healthy way of making money and to be part of this all you need is get equipped with quality beekeeping information and a results-driven mindset. Like all other aspects of agricultural endeavors, beekeeping is not only a noble, economically rewarding vocation practiced by peasant farmers and nobility alike, but a very serious economic pursuit undertaken all over the world as an important aspect of modern agriculture..

The Values of Beekeeping are As Sweet As Honey.

Apart from bee products i.e. honey, beeswax, pollen, propolis, royal jelly and bee venom, honey bees’ pollinating activities are equally of great value to food production.

Benefits of beekeeping:

  • Beekeeping is unique as an industry of primary production in that it does not require huge investment as a beginner since hives and other equipment can be made from locally available materials.
  • The beekeeping activity can be undertaken by both men and women, old and young.
  • Beekeeping occupies minimal land space; yet the value can rivalthe production of trees, field crops or pasture.
  • It allows for time flexibility because it doesn’t require daily attention depending on number of hives.
  • It has relatively low technology requirements, hence easy to handle as sideline activity.
  • Beekeeping projects can be linked with many other production projects to bolster participant numbers and income generation.
  • Beekeeping provides employment providing opportunity for quick return on investment, with minimal land requirements.
  • Beekeeping is a sustainable form of agriculture (a non-wood forest product) not detrimental to the environment, helps in the regeneration of the forest, the reclamation of eroded land and improvement of biodiversity.
  • It provides economic reasons for the retention of native habitats.
  • Honey is a high value product with a stable and lucrative supply versus demand economy.
  • Honey and its by-products have many health benefits for the consumer and are lucrative trade commodities in value addition form.
  • Most honeybee products can be consumed as food, dietary supplements or used as medicine. And bee products have a long shelf life if properly stored and are a valuable food source.


Without Information We Would All Be Floundering in the Dark!

It is therefore important to have the correct information needed to start your new hobby or business. An excellent course like Step By Step Guide To Successful Beekeeping– the Basic Beekeeping Course – will show you how best to prevent you from falling into serious pitfall.Did you know that beekeeping is an enormous growth industry? There is currently a domestic shortfall of honey production in Nigeria which means more beekeepers are still needed. The major reason why the demand for honey is sky-rocketing is due to its nutritional properties versus the health risks associated with eating refined sugars and the present Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) affecting honey production in the west. So, position yourself to profit from this ever-growing need for more honey.

The Step By Step Guide To Successful Beekeeping provides useful information to anyone wanting to start beekeeping as a hobby or a business and beginners in mind. It also provides for lucid explanation on various subject needed to succeed as beekeeper.The course comes in 14 modules:

  • Introduction to beekeeping
  • Bee biology
  • Caste determination
  • Behavior of different caste
  • Honeybee nutrition and development
  • Introduction to beekeeping equipment
  • How to select apiary site
  • Colony establishment and management
  • The beekeeping colony calendar
  • Swarming and swarm control
  • Bee pests, diseases and control
  • The properties, uses and processing of hive products
  • Bee pests, diseases and control
  • Managing Bee colony for pollination

…and a lot of related articles

Apart from sending you these course materials, you will be required to attend a day compulsory practical class in our apiary where you are completely free to ask your mentor any question that may be freezing your brain.


How Then Do You Fit into This Program?



All you need do is to enroll by completing our Application Form and forward it to cebrad@cebrad.comor cebradportal@gmail.comtogether with the course fee of just N10,000 only. Why spend a fortune learning beekeeping, when you can do so for far as much better cost?If your ultimate aim is producing quality honey, then Step By Step Guide To Successful Beekeeping is what you need to get properly trained by expert to avoid costly mistakes and prevent pests taking over your hives. It is one of the cardinal points of this course to see you through the process so; DON’T MISS IT.

To your beekeeping success!!!