BeeKeepers of Excellence Community

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Dear Beekeeper Colleagues,

You are invited to participate in the Beekeepers of Excellence Community.This program is dedicated to providing a platform where real beekeepers can share their stories of success and inspire the new generation of professional male and female, young and old.

These categories of professional beekeepers will be featured in our site giving readers insight to new ideals, technology, trending markets and a variety of resources including indigenous wisdom that transforms beekeeping industry in Nigeria.

Get The Recognition You Deserve!

Be featured in our upcoming editions; tell your story and increase your exposure. By your participation, you will:

  • Inspire by showing professionals everywhere how you became successful, and inspire them.
  • Network by making valuable connections that will increase your exposure and increase yourexisting network
  • Succeed by becoming an icon and branding yourself as a leader in the industry.
  • Become a member of committee of beekeeping think-thank in Nigeria

Eligibility is by free registration, click here to register

What do you stand to gain by participating in this program:

  1. Readers will know you for what you are in beekeeping industry
  2. Your experience will inspire and increase your network
  3. You will always be called upon for comments any time there is topical issue in the industry.
  4. You’re an automatic Beekeepers of Excellence Community Gala Night Guest scheduled to hold every year with potential to be given prestigious award
  5. You will always get referrals from us any time your services are needed
  6. You will be listed on our publication “Compendium of Nigerian Beekeeping Stakeholders”, an online yellow-page of beekeepers stakeholders in Nigeria.

Why keep your talent and what worked for you that made you successful in the industry?Register today for free and you will be surprised with the startling results.

We look forward to include you in our next editions.