My name is Bidemi Ojeleye, Founder and Coordinating Director of the Centre for Bee Research & Development (CEBRAD), an organization founded in 1998 and registered with Corporate Affairs Commission in 1999 with the mission of advancing the knowledge of bees, beekeeping and bee research in a way that will promote the professional standing, efficiency and sustenance use of apicultural resources that are beneficial and environment friendly.

I’m a nutritional biochemist as well as a certified beekeeper/pollinator with over 30 years’ experience. I’ve handled hundreds of millions of Naira beekeeping projects both for local and international organizations such as World Bank STEP-B Project, DFID-CBDD, EU-MPP6, UNDP, University of Ilorin, University of Abuja, Federal Ministry of Environment, Abuja, Niger State ADP to mention but few. It gladdens my heart to also tell you that I’m the current National President of Federation of Beekeepers’ Association of Nigeria (FEBKAN), the umbrella body for all beekeepers’ associations in Nigeria. My records are there to proof my claims, either by visiting “About Page” or Google for verification and more information about me and my organization. In view of this, I’ve got nothing to tell you lies.

Dear Potential Investor

It gives me great honor to introduce to you “Beekeeping Wealth Creation Scheme (BWCS)”, a valuable program that provides support to its investors’ network to promote beekeeping entrepreneurship and its value chains development.The BWCS allows operation with less formality and thus more users friendly even very easy for illiterate to participate in. We will provide all necessary technical support; logistics and management of the scheme while you as investor just wait and observe your money growing. Please Note: This Is Not A “Get Rich Quick” Program!

Three simple steps to become a member of Beekeeping Wealth Creation Group:


Register your investment with us stating the number of block. Pay your investment fee in full Check your bank account for dividend at the end of the year

Simple as A, B, C…
It’s amazing how intertwined money and beekeeping have become globally. Our relationship with distant lands now extends well beyond international trade agreements and the global financial markets to include the impact we have on one another’s quality of life.

From bee comes collection of nectar and pollen to make honey for human consumption especially for a healthy living and other value chains.The new economics of scarcity and abundance could soon become one of the more important factors in formulating an investment strategy. More and more, the forces at work in today’s “financial eco-system” have created an ongoing tug-of-war between supply and demand. As the roles of consuming pure honey for healthy living standards rise around the world, the demand for organic hive products is further intensified. These dynamics could represent a significant opportunity for investors savvy enough to recognize them.

I’d like to help you explore these opportunities—especially in light of the recent changes in Nigeria from oil to agro-commodities. The new emphasis on agriculture to encourage the creation of a new wealth complex as a way of reviving the sagging Nigeria economy only make the opportunity to think “beekeeping” when investing;and that is much more attractive.

Actually, to help acquaint you with the benefits of taking a beekeeping wealth creation scheme approach to your own investment strategy, here is how it works.

#. An application form for allocation of space will be obtained at no cost by sending email to cebrad@cebrad.comor the application form and forward back to any of the email addresses.

#. You will be entitled to minimum of one block comprising 10 units of patented CEBRAD Kenyan Top-Bar Hives®.

 #. The hives will be installed in any of our apiaries located in the South-West Nigeria for now, occupied with bees and managed by us for a period of initial agreement of 2years and subsequent yearly renewal if so wished.

#. Starting from year one, dividend of about 50%will be paid into your account.

How much then qualifies an investor
to take part in the scheme?

To buy into beekeeping wealth creation scheme you must pay the sum of N205,000 (Two Hundred and Five Thousand Naira) only per block which will be expended as follows:

This is a one-time payment with no hidden charges. After the first year, you will only pay for items 4-6 in the following year.

Can I know the annual yield?

Yes! Like any other agricultural endeavor, beekeeping practices and its management depend on what nature offers during the season which may affect the yield positively or negatively, but our experienced team will work assiduously to avert all treats to the hives except force manure. We shall do everything humanly possible to effectively manage the hives in order to produce the average required yield of between 12 and 15 liters of honey annually from the 20 top-bar hive.

How is proceed shared?

The whole proceeds from the sales of honey which currently is at N1,000 per liter will be paid to the investor less 15% management fee. This may change to meet the current price in the market at any particular point in time. However, proceeds from beeswax will be shared among our team of volunteers, custodians of hives and technical partners at 40%, 30% and 30% respectively.

What are you waiting for?

Imagine an investment with return on investment (RoI) rate of over 50% in the first year and about the same figure; 50% dividend in the following year where you still maintain the ownership of your hives that is sturdily constructed to serve at least 5 years.We have equally developed a distinctive approach should you decide to exit from the program. Your hives will be acquired and payment made at a depreciated price of 20% per annum. The issue of where to sell our products is not a problem per se as markets have been developed both locally and internationally alongside off-takers agreements. Your investment is safe and secured with CEBRAD, Guaranteed!

I wish to invite your venerable person to join the group of worthy investors to partake in this laudable scheme.

To further explore the issues surrounding beekeeping wealth creation scheme investment, you can call 08066744545 or 08092522204 or send email to or cebradportal@gmail.comfor details or to schedule a meeting.

Let’s join hands together in making cool cash from this scheme; you will be glad you did!

I am;

Yours Sincerely,

Bidemi Ojeleye