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Learn The Fastest Way to Become A Certified Master Beekeeper In 90 Days or Less

…A Unique, Step By Step Course That Places You Above Your Colleagues


Dear Beekeeper,

Welcome to our Certified Master Beekeeping Class, an exclusive program that helps in bringing your skills to the highest level and makes you a Certified Master Beekeeper. Honestly there really is no comparable program available that will produce similar results presently in Nigeria even in any higher institutions of learning.

Within 90 short days or less, you will learn everything you need to know about beekeeping through our well-laid out lessons that will be sent to you via email.

After this, you are required to attend a 3-daycompulsory intensive practical class where you will be exposed to hands-on practical, gauge your level of understanding of the course by establishing the strong theoretical lessons cum practical exposure and then be presented with our prestigious Certified Master Beekeeper Certificate.

If you have not received a comprehensive training on Advance Beekeeping Course like this, you are just burning your money.I’d like to kindle your imagination with a quick idea that could kick start your beekeeping venture and change the way of your archaic practices that will turn in wads of Naira into your bank account forever.

Are You Ready?

Well, over the years in beekeeping, I’ve seen so many colleagues who struggle with this lucrative enterprise. And even though they do practice and put in extra hour’s efforts in making ends meet, still their output is below average. They then come to the conclusion that beekeeping isn’t lucrative enough in Nigeria.

Now why that’s so, why are these folks not able to use all the knowledge and practice in order to become true beekeeping masters? And why are there other people who seem to get it immediately…who practice beekeeping and produce fantastic results in just a couple of minutes?

You could say that there are people who are just not talented and people who are. But that’s not really the case.

Trust me, we’ve trained many people in our Certified Master Beekeeping Class and we’ve seen the same patterns over and over again. In our experience, the difference between those two groups of beekeepers is simple.

The ones who get the tricks; call them the whizz kids of beekeeping or the future stars, focus on the right beekeeping practices and take charge. While the ones who don’t get it – on the other hand – are absent-minded and not ready to take charge.


It’s All A Matter Of Focusing On The Right Things. Q.E.D!


Read this short story to clarify what I mean. You might have heard of a guy called Vilfredo Pareto, a famous economist who lived in 19th century in Italy. His popular book on principle of 80/20 rule was established to be put to use in many different areas of life.

For example, he found that 80% of the land was owned by 20% of the population, he also found that 80% of the peas in his garden were produced by 20% of the plants and 80% of a business’ revenue were generated by 20% of its customers.

Therefore, many businesses have an easy access to dramatic improvements in profitability by focusing on the most effective areas and eliminating, ignoring, automating, delegating or retraining the rest, as appropriate.

So when next you’re in the field working on your bees, do it like the most knowledgeable folks in that fields…don’t focus on 100% of findings and knobs …focus on the 20% that make all the 80% difference.

In my experience, that’s exactly what beekeeping whizz kids do, they figured out what the most important 20% are and focus on those primarily. They are not more talented or smarter than the rest of you, they are just more efficient.

And how did these beekeepers stars find out what the most important 20% are? Let me explain…

Experts Are Studied In Their Natural Habitat
– This Is What We Found


In most cases, these beekeeping whizz kids had someone who taught them – a mentor or expert with several years of experience who knew exactly what he was talking about.

In other cases, they were lucky enough to receive little tips here and there and incorporated them into their own beekeeping practice. They were eager to learn and were always on the lookout for people who would teach them.

That’s the approach that made some beekeepers successful and productive – and it can work for YOU too.


If You Can Manage To Learn The Right Things From The Right People,You’ll Be Able To Do Two Things:


  • You’ll be able to boost the quality of your beekeeping activities, and
  • Reduce the amount of time spent on your bees and still get higher result.

Imagine what you could do with that saved time! I am convinced that learning through our Certified Master Beekeeping Class can DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your productivity – no exaggeration.

We’ve seen so many of our mentees who’ve done just that and they’re happy.

There are so many great beekeeping experts out there. If you’re at the right place at the right time and if you approach these folks in the right way, I bet you could make them your mentors.

But How Can You Reach Out To A Great Beekeeping Mentor?

Approaching a mentor is a form of art. I’m sure that there are many different ways of how to do it. So just take this as a suggestion to get your own imagination going.

What If You Just Can’t Get Access To The Right Mentors?

A lot of folks just can’t get access to the right personal mentors. In the olden days, that meant that true mastery was next to impossibility. But times have changed. The internet brings us all much closer meaning that WE CAN TEACH YOU in the comfort of your living room as if you were standing next to us in our bee farm. Our Certified Master Beekeeping Class is probably the most effective way of becoming a true beekeeping professional in 90 days or less. Honestly, don’t doubt it…

Some Benefits of Certified Master Beekeeping Class

Many of our mentees reported that after attending the Certified Master Beekeeping Class, their personal economy got buoyed up tremendously. Here are some more benefits that will likely accrue after attending our Certified Master Beekeeping Class:

  • You will be able to carry out more difficult tasks in the apiary without the help of any experienced or consultant beekeepers.
  • Your personal satisfaction with yourself and your level of competence will skyrocket.
  • You will become more efficient in your beekeeping activities and double or triple your earning.
  • Colleagues will consult you for your superior beekeeping skills and you will earn extra income from it.
  • Bidemi Ojeleye, a renowned tropical beekeeping specialist will be your personal mentor.
  • You will be able to connect with beekeepers of repute from all around the world through Master Beekeepers’ network.
  • You will broaden your enterprise opportunities and increase your income potential.
  • You’ll be able to teach advance beekeeping techniques to others as a certified professional.

More Insight to Certified Master Beekeeping Class

The Certified Master Beekeeping Class is a special 3-month or less mentoring program that takes place from time to time throughout the year with not more than 10 participants per practical session to create enough opportunity for personal attention.

It is designed for beekeepers that are serious about wealth creation from their beekeeping ventures. We have taken what has worked best in countless years of beekeeping mentoring experience and turned it into a wickedly effective online cum physical practical course. Even the Embassy of Israel acknowledged our training strength to the extent of writing us letter of commendationyears back. Can you imagine our greatness!

In our program, I will be your mentor… teaching you everything you need to know about art and science of beekeeping at your own pace.

The fact that the program is designed for 3 months doesn’t mean it should be followed rigidly. The program is flexible so much so that you can plan it to soothe your personal activities; only it cannot be collapsed for less than 2 months except otherwise requested.

What Do You Expect In The Curriculum?

  • Introduction to Advance Beekeeping
  • Essential Bee Biology Relevant to Assist Your Study
  • Characteristics of Our Strain of Bee (Apismelliferaadansonii) That Are Important for its Handling
  • Factors to Consider Before Sitting an Apiary
  • Acquisition of Beekeeping Equipment: What to look out for
  • How to Stock Hive With Bees
  • How to Handle Bees for Highest Productivity and Less Stinging Behavior
  • Intensive Versus Extensive Beekeeping Methodology
  • Why Feed The Bees In Commercial Apiary?
  • How to Inspect Bee Colony With Less Disturbances
  • How to Carry Out Seasonal Management to Forestall Absconding, Swarming and Drifting
  • How to Build Floral Calendar Around the Existing Flora in the Apiary
  • How to Recognize Diseased Hive Through Symptomatic Exhibition
  • How to Treat Diseased Hive Using Organic Materials
  • How to Introduce Integrated Pest Management Techniques (IPM) into Beekeeping Activities
  • How to Raise Your Own Queen to Replace Biologically Failing Queens and Re-queening for De-queened Hive
  • How to Start Queen Rearing Business for Additional Income
  • How to Start Packaged Bees Business to Increase Income Generation
  • How to Identify Ripe Honey Comb Ready for Harvesting
  • How to Harvest Honey, Pollen and Propolis
  • How to Process Honey, Beeswax, Pollen and Propolis Without Extraneous Matter
  • How to Package Your Bee Products for Sale
  • How to Add Value to Bee Products Shifting Your Investment From Primary Bee Products To More Lucrative Value Added Products From Bees.
  • How To Sell Your Hive Products Both At Local And International Markets Without Stress.
  • Your Understanding of Apitherapy as a Branch of Alternative Medicine
  • Standardization of Bee Products to Meet Codex Alimentarus Standard
  • How To Prepare Beekeeping Enterprise Budgeting to Source For Fund and Your Personal Use
  • How to Appraise Your Beekeeping Project And Offer Turn-Around Strategy For Failing Beekeeping Investment.
  • How to manage bees’ colonies for pollination

All these packaged in 16 Modules and series of articles, case studies and many interesting materials.


Aside of All These…

I will also stand by you as your mentor and ally to answer your question(s) that may be standing as a stumbling block or freezing your brain in achieving your beekeeping goals if you send mail to, cebradportal@gmail.comyou can be sure to get answer to your inquiry within 48 hours.Numerous new entrants and experienced beekeepers alike have relied on Certified Master Beekeeping Class as the best single-volume course to the profession of beekeeping in Nigeria.

The authoritative content in this course also incorporates choice of equipment for different activities, usage and action plans. No doubt, Certified Master Beekeeping Class explains not only how but also why each step is part of the transformative process that result in the magnificent production of bee products. This essential course is a beekeeper’s most valuable resource and inseparable companion.

In some ways you can count yourself blessed for investing in this course where the brain of a certified and professional beekeeping specialist of over 30 years’ experience will be handed over with the same knowledge and beekeeping wisdom without any hidden or distractive information.

According to Alex Shigo:

Science is knowing, art is doing, and common sense is knowing and doing”

…on the basis of experience and exposure

Why not lend credence from Shigo today by joining my second to none Certified Master Beekeeping Class?

As a “training program” this information is worth hundreds of thousands of Naira. NO QUESTION. If I was offering this entire program as a live training, I would charge at least N250,000 for it or probably more. You know why? I will be charging per contact hours taking other logistics into consideration.

But because I can offer this program to you in an online, home-study format and you later come for 24-hour compulsory intensive and interactive practical class, I’m making this program available to you at a price that’s ridiculously low… a price that will make it so that literally any serious beekeeper who wants to acquire genuine skills can afford to take advantage of it.

Instead of charging hundreds of thousands of Naira for this valuable information and training, I’m going to offer it to you at the low investment of only N50,000. Mind you; this fee includes the following package apart from your weekly e-course materials:

  • 3-day Compulsory Intensive Practical Training
  • Light Refreshment

Where else can you get this kind of special offer for such a specialized program at that less amount? Please be sincere with your answer… a three-month action-packed program with all those facilities!

In fact, this program is the single best financial investment you’ve ever made in your beekeeping life; and I’m betting that it will be.

I know it’s a crazy offer. Here’s why I’m doing it. I want every serious beekeeper to experience the increase in success, productivity, and freedom that comes from learning how to become a Certified Master Beekeeper. And now you can do it for a price that’s not only affordable…but also wise.

As an alumnus of this course, you’re completely exempted from my 1-on-1 Consulting. You really don’t need it again because this course has covered everything that may pose future treat to your aspiration. In actual fact; your certificate qualifies you to practice beekeeping anywhere in the world without looking back because you’re well groomed.

Opportunity Is Missed By Most People Because It Comes Dressed In Overalls And Looks Like Work.


…don’t miss this great chance. I hope to see you inside the program.

Let Me Remind You Again That…

…all our products and services come with 100% Money Back Guarantee! If after 360 days you’re not getting result from this well-packaged highbrow class using all techniques and methodology taught in the course with strong evidence, please don’t hesitate to request for refund. Immediately; I will instruct our Account Officer to refund your full money without ANY deduction. Are you surprised?


Yes! It’s My Neck Under The Guillotine Blade – Not Yours…

Listen. I’m totally putting myself on the line here. I risk everything. You risk nothing. If this doesn’t work, you request for your money which I’m obliged to refund.However, we reserve the right to refuse any refund request, at our own discretion, should we discover that a customer is abusing our money back guarantee policy.

You get a whole year to decide. Why? Simple: You can’t go anywhere else and find such an interesting beekeeping package like this one. You won’t find this at any beekeeping conferences, text books, e-books, VCD, seminars or in magazines because it’s hands-on and interactive. It is NOT even possible for it not working!

Participants At One Of the CMB Practical Classes

You can continue scouring the Internet from now till God knows when, all you find is either nauseating, get-rich-quick e-books, or else vague, fluffy e-zines on branding and all that nonsense. You don’t have time for that. Do you? What you need are methods that work profitably and fast which have been fully incorporated into this course.
Nobody else is teaching really effective beekeeping in business to business like Certified Master Beekeeping Class even in the university. Nobody else will show you how to effectively take care of your bees with less energy and start giving you tons of income the way I will.

For those who have attended my mentorship classes know me to be a born teacher. Though it is not possible for me to open your brain and save everything there; but I’m going to teach you how to do it right. And I guarantee results. You have nothing to fear about… It’s my flesh under the metal, not yours.

If you take positive action now it will certainly pay you. Always bear in mind that procrastination always leads to incapacitation.

To your beekeeping success!


Bidemi Ojeleye

Founder/Coordinating Director, Centre for Bee Research & Development

PS: If you turn this great offer down, you’re either oblivious to the changes and challenges of today’s beekeeping industry, or else you’re making fantastic money that are so fat you can’t possibly spend them.

PPS: This is an unprecedented opportunity to have me as your staunch ally in tropical beekeeping and as your mentor and coach. Having a beekeeping mentor and examining hives with a more experienced person like me is one of the best ways to learn good management practices. Why not think about becoming a Certified Master Beekeeper now and move to a greater height in your beekeeping business?