Consultancy Services

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If your beekeeping venture is failing and you’ve never thought anything like this could happen to you, then you have another think coming. Now, for the first time ever, you can find out the quick and easy way to get your dwindling beekeeping enterprise back on track with excellent turn around strategies. No tricks, no gimmicks, just real and proven information that generates tons of cash from your apiary or factory just by using my consultancy services.

This Package Will Walk You Through Your Diagnosed Problems, Proffer Solutions And I will Even Stay By You Until Your Problems Are Over… What About That? Excellent…

Bidemi Ojeleye

Dear Beekeeper Colleague,

Do you know who a consultant is? May be you don’t know. Ok; I wouldn’t know if probably you’ve heard this joke about who a consultant is before. If not, then read this brief definition: “A consultant is described as a guy who knows 101 ways to have sex and can’t get a date on Friday night.” Isn’t that funny!!! Well, consulting is a dream job when customers seek you out but it’s just another form of unemployment when you have no positioning.

There is nothing more degrading than begging someone to pay you to give them advice. My experience in tropical beekeeping is absolutely essential to making my Consulting program unequal because I know very well that I’m positioned properly.

Because of my crowded schedule, I honor consulting appointment only when such appointment is booked at least 15 days ahead. Mind you lousy beekeeping consultants are a dime a dozen. But good ones are not easy to nail down and they don’t stay available for long.

A sound consultant is in an unusually perfect position to see huge opportunities most people are not privy to – AND also in a position to ethically take advantage of those opportunities.

When you’re trusted to offer advice about the future and direction of their business – when they have respect for you and admiration for your perspective – you wield all kinds of power that ordinary people only dream of. It’s a sacred trust, and if you carry it out in a trustworthy manner, all manner of doors are open to you.

Some so-called “consultants” do things haphazardly for their clients all in their selfish interest so that the client keeps visiting them and they in turn keep extorting money from them. Well in my own case, there’s a whole bigger game out there, waiting to be played. If you repeat your visit after FIXING YOUR PROBLEM, you must have come to say a BIG thank you with honest testimonial or for another discussion entirely. I always make sure my clients have values for their money, because it is only by doing so that they will be happy.

Beware of A Naked Man Who Tries
To Sell You His Shirt!

These are what you will gain from our Consulting program:

  • All the problems that’s been freezing your brain, holding you back or frustrating your beekeeping efforts will be diagnosed and solutions offered for immediate solution.
  • You will have access to our unlimited resource materials accumulated over a period of more than 30 years that will save your investment going down the drain.
  • Where necessary, we may take a tour of your apiary and or factory for on-the-spot assessment (at your own cost) and offer solution that works like magic.
  • Where your investment is already in moribund, expert advice on the turn-around strategies and safe cum good management/technical practices of the industry to uplift the venture will be proffered.
  • Within 72hours after our discussion, I will forward the report of the diagnosed problem plus all proceeding and solutions that will re-engineer your beekeeping project from the inside out to your email address. This report will serve as your reference material from time to time.
  • Apart from the above, I will give you opportunity to call me on phone (at agreed period) once a week (5 minutes maximum) for 8 weeks. By this, all what we resolved can also be revisited and grey areas addressed.

At the end of this visit, your beekeeping problem will never remain the same again. Yes! It’s a promise. Our main interest is your success; we must reposition your beekeeping investment to start earning in tonsso that we can all be in the men’s train together instead of the boys’.


…all our products and services come with 100% Money Back Guarantee! If after 60 days of our involvement in your beekeeping operation you still encounter the same discomfort you brought for diagnosis with evidence using all the advice and solution templates proffered, just fire me an email and theaccount officer will refund ALL your money with no quibble.

To subscribe to this program, please send email to, cebradportal@gmail.comor simply call 08066744545/08092522204