General Training

Are you a life-long learner with an itch to learn about the fascinating world of golden insect called honey bee? Are you looking for a new career opportunity to add to your present job for sustainable livelihood? If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, we have got the flexible online and classroom learning opportunities that you need here.

CEBRAD Beekeeping Academy offers different beekeeping courses ranging from general course to tailor-made either online or in the classroom depending on your aspiration. The training activities are directed towards skill acquisition and capacity building in apiculture adopting an integrated approach. The training is structured to be 80 percentage practical and 20 percentage theory for both Diploma and Proficiency students while online study designed for busy students is 50% theory and 50% practical.We’re currently in the process of affiliating our Diploma Courses with some Universities in Nigeria.



At CBA we offer the following beekeeping courses at different levels leading to the award of Diploma and Certificate:

  • 1 – Week Certificate Course in Basic Beekeeping
  • 2 – Week Certificate Course in Advanced Beekeeping
  • 6 – Week Certificate Course in Certified Master Beekeeping
  • 6 – Month Diploma Course in Beekeeping Husbandry

All courses are available as part-time and full time basis. Contact us for detail information.



Certified Master Beekeeping Course

Welcome to our Certified Master Beekeeping Class, an exclusive program that helps in bringing your skills to the highest level and makes you a Certified Master Beekeeper. Honestly there really is no comparable program available that will produce similar results…read more.

Basic Beekeeping Course

Do you know that you can start a profitable beekeeping today either as a hobby or business even if you’re completely new to honey bee? The current demand for pure honey and other hive products in Nigeria viz-a-viz the value added products is constantly booming. With extremely minimal cost… read more.

Queen Rearing Course

For the past twenty years I’ve been working on how to solve the problems associated with having to wait for so long, at times 2 years after installation of hives, to attract swarms into… read more


Who Can Enroll?

Place-bound people who want more knowledge in beekeeping having a Senior School Certificate with 5 Credits pass for admission to Diploma Courses and ability to read and write for Certificate Courses can enroll for any of our courses. People taking these courses often work for themselves or aspires to work for other beekeeping farmers.

All online courses are offered asynchronously, which means you can pretty much work at your own pace and still enjoy the course.