Make Money By Selling HONEY!

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WARNING: Don’t go yet, be sure to read this piece if you’re truly serious about making unending stream of income selling Pure Honey and living a financial freedom life ever!BUT…If you are unmotivated, please leave now…don’t waste your time reading it because it’s ONLY meant for serious minded people who’s resolute to wrestle the present economic blow.

If you think your present source of income is o.k. to take care of those piled up bills and other incidental expenses, then good luck…But imagine, if today, you put into motion a few small actions that in just a few short days delivered an unstoppable flood of cash into your bank account and makes you also healthier at the same time especially during this period of economic doldrums, then read on and you will be glad you did…

Dear Friend,

My name is Bidemi Ojeleye, a renowned certified beekeeper, Director, Centre for Bee Research & Development (CEBRAD) producers of Dereal Honey® and the current National President, Federation of Beekeepers Association of Nigeria (FEBKAN), the umbrella body for all beekeepers associationsin Nigeria. I’m back to help you just the same way I have helped several people like you in the past to make money by selling pure honey and other hive products.

Are you currently engaged with any job, or you are a job seeker, you can even be a Youth Corp member, a student, young school leaver, a trader or a retiree? May be you’ve just been retrenched…Whoever you may be, this program is designed to make you more money without hassle. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by; it may not last for long.

It Will Be Unfortunate Missing This Opportunity Right On Your Table On A Platter Of Gold

 But first, I’m quite sure you’ve noticed people quitting refined sugar nowadays from their meals and turning to honey as their source of natural sweetener…Why is this so?

The reason isn’t far-fetched. A lot of degenerative diseases are associated with our lifestyle and eating habit especially consumption of junk called foods and refined sugar either in tea, coffee, baked products, soft drinks and many more. Is it diabetes you want to talk about or over-weight, hypertension and other metabolic syndrome diseases as an overall result of consumption of these products? Mention them.

Now that you’ve decided to re-brand your eating habit both for healthy living and moving closer to nature, you will discover it was from frying pan to fire by consuming sugar syrup or adulterated sweeteners as honey doing more damage than good to your health. This is very unfortunate and simply criminal.


How willyou explain this? Imagine been advised medically to abstain from refined sugarand you thought it expedient shifting to pure natural honey as an alternative to manage your hypertensive or diabetic condition. But alas! You bought adulterated honey. What do you think will be the eventual consequences?

I know you’re probably frustrated by all of the nauseating things you see each day about honey. Don’t worry. Just listen to me as I’m here to expose the secrets of Pure Honey to you against the so-called deadly artificial/adulterated honey.

Adding More Pepper To An Injury; So You Said

Well; let’s come to think about it, the nutritional, health-giving and healing properties of honey have been praised through the ages, in fact; the two holy books; Bible and Koran; are very unequivocal about it. Listen to these statements…

“…my son, eat the honey, because it is good; and the honeycomb which is sweet to thy taste” (Solomon, son of David, king of Israel. 1000B.C. Old Testament, Proverbs 24, 13).

Sura 16 of the Holy Koran refers to honey….”wherein is healing for all mankind”.

Not Only Does Honey Taste Great, But The Health Benefits of Honey Are Amazing Too!

 Isn’t it good to know that you can make tons of cash selling pure honey, enjoy sweet treats and be healthier at the same time? Let’s look at some of the amazing honey health benefits…Let it be known that pure honey either added to other ingredients or not, can be effective in the treatment and management of some illnesses like:

  • Heart Disease
  • High Cholesterol
  • Arthritis
  • Indigestion
  • Cold and Flu
  • Allergies
  • Wound Treatment
  • Fertility and Erectile Dysfunction
  • Hair Loss
  • Toothache
  • Stomach Upset and Peptic Ulcer
  • Anti-Aging
  • Immune Booster
  • Bad Breath
  • Fatigue
  • Sinuses
  • Skin Irritation/Facial Treatment

…to mention but few

These benefits of honey for health, beauty and overall well-being can be a wonder to many people, although sometimes it is overlooked or even misunderstood by some. The fact is that anyone would be amazed to discover the myriad benefits that honey offers.

Honey Is Truly A Wonderful Product Of Nature.

No doubt, this is a statement of fact……

Oh No! Your nasty experience in the past regarding purchase of adulterated honey shouldn’t deter you from participating in this awesome program. Thank God; you’ve found it. You’ve found the source of beekeepers’ honey that come directly from our farms with 100% guaranteed quality.

You need to know at this junction that our branded honey Dereal Honey® was among the few packaged honey registered by NAFDAC in 1999.

Since 1999 to date; our quality still remains unbeatable and we’ve never, ever received any complaint from our numerous customers. If I’m able to make huge money from it, there is nothing stopping you from grabbing your own share of the business. Then, why not allow me hold you by the hands and expose you to the secrets of earning tons of money selling pure natural honey that is kept to the treasure chests of other people?

Do you know that many people are looking for good quality honey even around you but find it difficult to get? With this program you will touch the lives of such people and satisfy their desire and be rewarded with cash.

Be Careful of A Naked Man Who Wants To Sell His Shirt

 I know you’re aware that there are many fake honeys available in town; even some will sweet-sell by telling you that there brand of honey is from countries outside Nigeria thereby selling at a very ridiculous high price. I must make it abundantly clear here that Nigeria honey is still one of the best in the universe due to our “green” environment, aside this, most of these honeys are blended with sucrose, corn syrup or other adulterants. So don’t be deceived. I made this claim by virtue of being a Certified Master Beekeeper/Pollinator with available baseline data. You’re hereby advised to Shine Your Eyes’

“Whosoever Looks For Cheap Item Will Equally Be Sold Fake Product”

The Beauty of This Program Is That…

You can sell the honey to…

  • Church/Mosque Members
  • Club/Association Members
  • Colleagues in the Office
  • Business Colleagues
  • Family Members
  • Friends and Folks
  • Classmates
  • Political Associates

You Can Even Sell It In Your Shop…isn’t it simple? So don’t be left out!

Other Unique Benefits of The Program…

  • You don’t need to waste your precious time processing the honey; it’s already processed and packaged raw for you. Yours is just to sell it like that and start earning money immediately. No extra work involved!
  • The container (PET bottle) is very handy, 400g, 800g and 1.6kg in weight with the honey, so it is light and easy to move around for easy marketability.
  • Depending on your choice, you may decide to buy in bulk of 20-litre jerry can through special arrangement.
  • No restriction in the quantity to order for at a particular point in time depending on your financial capability but not less than minimum of at least N24,000per order.
  • No restriction in the price you wish to sell the product depending on your location, strategies and market segmentation but you will be guided on price modality.
  • You can use the product to package gift items like hampers and ceremonial items (for marriages. naming etc.). You can do virtually anything with the product EXCEPT that you can’t change the content, label and the seal.
  • You can use it as ingredient of other value added products.

So if you’ve been looking for a business to make you passive income without any sweat than just to collect your product and sell, then what are you waiting for? Selling pure honey is it!!!

Let me explain how the package looks like for your better understanding:

  • The honey is packaged in 400g (250ml), 800g (500ml) and 1.6kg (1lt.) PET bottle and shrink-wrapped in a carton of 12 units (400g and 800g) and 6 units (1.6kg).

  • Each carton of 400gx12 costs N5,500, 800gx12 costs N9,500 and 1.6kgx6 costs N9,350.
  • Client will take care of freighting their merchandise.
  • Your goods can be delivered on any day you so wished; Saturday and Sunday inclusive; even including public holiday.
  • Minimum purchase per order is N24,000
  • Multiple orders can be made.
  • Your order will be delivered to the nearest motor park closer to your preferred area within 3 days of payment for collection.
  • There is Goods-In-Transit insurance on your good; so the issue of lost-goods-in-transit does not arise.
  • Arrangement can be made for door-step delivery option.

For more information on this; you can call our customer care line on 08066744545or 08092522204.

To join the program all you need do is to follow these simple steps:

Pay the exact cost of your goods to any of our banks accounts. Click Here for account details.

Here’s My Promise to You When You Order Today:

  • I will expose you to all it involves in marketing pure honey to your prospects
  • You will be allowed to participate in any of our promo from time to time free
  • You will automatically be a member of HONEY STAKEHOLDERS COMMUNITY, where you may be featured for personality interview on
  • You will even be allowed to visit our apiary on notice and witness how the honey is been produced and processed.

“What If I Need More Help?”

GOOD, you may need more help. You may need support. You may need clarification. You may have questions. I will be available to answer all basic and advanced questions 24/7/365 by contacting me on phone or through email.

You will be fully supported 100% of the way – that’s my promise to you!

I Welcome You Aboard Making Money From Healthy-Living Through Honeyed Experience!

PS. A wise man once said that the difference between the poor and the rich is how they make decisions. This is your own decision time. You have to make it NOW… Don’t procrastinate.

To your success!