Stopping hive robbing in the apiary

In our previous post on robbing in the apiary, the types and causes of robbing attack in the apiary was mentioned; there we promised to  conclude the discussion by offering some few solutions to prevent and halt this nefarious bee behavior. Always remember that from the normal perspective, bees believe that robbing is just a type of foraging behavior which must occur from time to time.
The moment you noticed robbing situation, don’t waste time or postpone the precautionary measures to take, act fast by employing any of these methods and you will be glad you did.

Frenzied colony as a result of robbing attack

1. Reduce the hive entrance to create room for the colony to defend themselves, but this can cause reduction in the ventilation thereby raising the hive  temperature. But by using CEBRAD patented hive with windows; this will be surmountable. Where you’re using other types of hive without this feature, you can cover the hive with water-soaked jute bag  to give a soothing relief of cool temperature. You can continue wetting the jute bag whenever it gets dried for about 4-5 days and finally remove it thereafter. By this time the robbing activity would have been suppressed.
2. Relocate the robbed colony far away from it’s present location say about 600-800 meters and possibly de-queen and re-queen with young queen to boost egg-laying and strengthen the colony activity. You can also provide the colony with sealed brood combs to populate the colony with young workers for defense and then supply feed at night for equalization.
3. If it is important to work on the hive, it must be done as quickly as possible with no time wasted, preferably in the evening.
No doubt, the best way to halt robbing in the apiary is to prevent it; because the moment robbing starts its always very hard to control and makes the whole apiary frenzy and disturbing.
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