Volunteer Networks

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  1. To develop a commercialized market-driven beekeeping commodity value chains and improve the quality of honey by providing improved technologies in production, harvesting, processing, handling in transit, storage and packaging.
  2. To support and bring changes to rural beekeepers, strengthen and offer an opportunity for income diversification for rural resource-poor farmers, while stimulating positive natural resource management that maintains the integrity of ecosystems.

For detail about our volunteer program, contact cebrad@cebrad.com or cebradportal@gmail.com

Have You Got What It Takes To Volunteer?

As a beekeeper volunteer; you can help improve the quality of lives of needy people most especially people living in rural or remote communities by building their capacities using beekeeping for their sustainable livelihoods. To retain natural environments,conservationist belief that habitats cannot be protected without the interest and involvement of local people. Without mincing words, beekeeping offers a good way for people to create income from natural resources without damaging them. Beekeeping contributes to the maintenance of biodiversity through pollination.

Will You Like To Change Lives?

If your answer to this question is YES, then you can work with us. In fact, another good way you can help is by staying right where you are. We need passionate people like you to raise awareness about the realities that poor people face, and then teach them how – to fish rather than giving fish -to alleviate their poverty level with beekeeping activities.

Your Contribution Matters!

We are offering volunteer opportunities with good skills in beekeeping to work with local people who may be interested in beekeeping.


To volunteer with Centre for Bee Research & Development, you must be well versed in beekeeping and be able to speak the native language of the host community. Suffix it to mean that your volunteer engagement will not take you awayfrom your domain except where absolutely necessary.



Volunteer placement will not exceed 12 months but may be extended for not more than six months where and when necessary. You must possess the following requirement before you can be considered:

  • Must have 3-5 years’ experience in beekeeping practice
  • Must be able to speak local language of the host community fluently
  • Must have no blemish in character and pass criminal check
  • Must be between the ages of 25 and 65 years
  • Must be ready to start within the next 6 months of placement



Volunteers will be supported before, during and after placement by providing extensive training to prepare them for the roles and what they may likely experience working with rural community. The training will be face-to-face to fully understand their roles and how to deal with people living in the rural areas.

Being a volunteer with us is to change your life experience and change other people’s lives not for making fortune, but this notwithstanding, we ardently belief that you should be rewarded to commensurate with your volunteering activities. Thedetail about our financial support will be handed on to you during the interactive session. Apart from financial support; we will also support your professional expertise to assist your functionality and up-date you from time to time.